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The easiest way to build an online membership site business is to develop solid, long lasting relationships with your current members, and “lock in” your recurring income streams.

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Dear Internet Marketer,

You've probably heard a number of “secrets” for building a sustainable online business.

One of those secrets is building a revenue stream with recurring income, such as a membership site. Nowadays, it is fairly easy to create a membership site...as a matter of fact, they are all over the place.

But what most don't tell you about creating this revenue stream, is that there are pitfalls. Why would they tell you about the “bad stuff” right?

Well, one of the pitfalls, or focus areas for a membership site is member retention...the ability to make sure your members “stick with you.” With all of the competition out there, you have to build the type of relationship with your members where they become your followers.

If you don't implement different methods to keep your members happy and following your membership, you can end up spinning your wheels and struggling to add members all the time. Not what you want to focus on.

The good news is, developing a “follower” relationship and increasing member retention simply doesn't have to be a challenge any more!

Even better, I am going to reveal a secret to member retention right here in this letter, along with the easy way to get started using that secret.

Let's start by examining a typical membership site in any niche and then a typical member experience at that site...

XYZ Membership is a monthly recurring subscription offering valuable video, audio, and text content on its topic that only members gain access to. The owner of XYZ does not publish this content anywhere else on the web. They charge $27 a month for access, and offer a discussion forum and some niche-specific tools that only members gain full access to.

Sounds pretty good right?

Well, Ima Marketer comes across this membership, and it seems to be a perfect fit for Ima's internet business.

So Ima subscribes to XYZ membership, expecting a great experience and great content that would be difficult to access in other places.

Ima gets the great content and tools promised. So impressed with that part of the membership, Ima sticks around for that and that alone.

But then the story changes

Fast forward three months...

Ima is getting bored with this membership, and starts doing research on the internet for other resources or memberships that have similar content and tools, and finds one, ABC Exciting Membership.

Ima cancels her membership with XYZ Membership.

Ima signs up with ABC Exciting Membership.

She tours the site, and finds all the content and tools promised, but with one distinct difference. ABC Exciting Membership is actually an entertaining membership, containing a number of engaging devices that separates ABC from XYZ and others.

Then the secret is revealed

So what is one of ABC's main secrets?

ABC gives Ima a reason to stay! There is a special rewards system incorporated into ABC Exciting Membership's overall site. Each month, for continuing to remain a member, Ima receives 1200 points that she can use in a dedicated account. But these are not ordinary points.

You see, the owner of ABC negotiates and purchases products with redistribution rights, real products, not the garbage you can find. ABC sets a point value to each product, based on real world value...and it becomes a “members only” internet marketing shopping center. Ima can take her 1200 points, and “cash them in” on the various products, until those points run out.

Can you see the number of possibilities you have using this insider retention secret for your own membership site?

You could actually use a member retention system like this a number of different ways than written above:

  • You could add points in between scheduled times as a “reward” for holidays, special occasions, or if you make a mistake in your business and want to ensure your members stick around.

  • You could use a system like this for a delivery system to specific members who win contests, upgrade their memberships, etc...

  • Members can actually buy and trade points with each other, so each member has another avenue to gain the products they desire.  Plus, this encourages interaction among the members, which is another retention tool in and of itself.

  • This whole system would act as a member retention process, because people like to feel “special” as part of a membership. Delivering any members-only benefit such as unique products for no out of pocket expense is certainly the best approach for creating an entertaining atmosphere within your membership.

  • When you retain members, you can continue to rely on the recurring income that a successful online membership site business provides...and you are free to source more members, adding to your income month after month!

John, while I now understand that using this 'points and valuable product,' insider member retention secret is valuable to my online membership business...

...I don't want to manage the delivering of product, issuing points, and control of the access to this! I don't want the headaches John!”

Is there a 100% automated solution that can handle this?

Yes. As a matter of fact there is. :) 

This automated solution, once installed into your membership site, takes care of itself.  You are free to continue to gain members, knowing you have a cutting edge member retention system working for you flawlessly.

My name is John Delavera. I am the creator of the Turbo line of products, and the Turbo Membership.

The aim with each of the Turbo products is to take a major part of an internet business and automate it. The benefit to you is you can leverage your time online to perform more money-making tasks.

This is one of those Turbo products...

Introducing Turbo Download Manager!

Turbo Download Manager

Now, I understand if you might think that Turbo Download Manager might be difficult to install, tough to integrate, and hard to set up on your server.

I am also glad to say that you would be wrong to think that. :)

Included with the Turbo Download Manager package are installation videos that walk you through, step by step, as though I were right there guiding you.  There are also help files included for those who like to follow step by step instructions.  

I am never going to leave you without your instructions.

As a matter of fact, I personally use each of the many Turbo tools I create for the Internet Marketing community in my own business (including Turbo Download Manager)...

So my objective is to make sure I can use and install it easily and effectively myself...

You get an opportunity to benefit from my creativity today.
"Ok John, I get it...I just read that you take care of your people really well and have developed quite a loyal following...

You take care of them so well in fact, that you don't need to sell, you just create stuff for them to use, and give them an order button.

But I need to know exactly what Turbo Download Manager can do for my membership site business...details please."

I can totally understand.  I am a "tech guy" at heart. :)

Here are only a few of the many specific functions that Turbo Download Manager can perform within your online business.

  • You can control who gains access to your download area.

  • You can create multiple download areas.

  • You can create an automatic "points system" that issues points to each member in certain classifications.  This points system offers products at a certain points value, instead of cash, where your members spend points to get valuable products and software.  This is a great member retention device,  that runs totally on autopilot once you set parameters the first time!

  • You decide what individual products to include in your download area.

  • You decide who can administrate the download area.  This is important, so you can give access to another when you want a totally hands-off member retention system.

  • You set the number of points each item "costs" and set the delivery link within Turbo Download Manager to automatically deliver the product to your member.

  • You can set your membership apart with Turbo Download Manager, by offering products that normally have to be paid for at a point value, instead of cash.  You decide which products, and Turbo Download Manager takes care of the rest.

  • When you limit the number of points that your members receive, it generates excitement that results in members wanting to come back and "cash in" their next series of points!

  • And much more!...  You are in complete control of your points and download system with Turbo Download Manager, which has every feature necessary to make this part of your membership business as effortless as possible!

Look, included with your Turbo Download Manager package is access to 9 very short videos that explain, in simple language, how to set up and control your member points retention system.  

There are also documents that explain everything you need to know to easily integrate this retention secret into your membership site business.

I really have taken every step possible to make this as easy for you as possible...

Because I know that you need to be able to implement this member retention
solution as quickly and efficiently as possible!

You need to be able to focus on money making activities...

...And leave the retention of your members to
an automated system like Turbo Download Manager!

Alright John, I want to make use of this in my membership site business right now!

So, how much do I need to invest to start retaining members automatically and easily?

I have to confess, this solution will not make you rich quick.  Simply installing it will not generate income for you, rather it will help keep your recurring income stream from your members month after month.

But, is has been proven that retaining members that already trust you and are investing in your membership is much easier than marketing for new members.

You could hire someone to do what Turbo Download Manager does, or try to operate some sort of points system yourself...and invest countless hours of your time @ $100+ an hour, or pay someone $300 - $500 a month to do the same.

I will tell you from my own experience before I created Turbo Download Manager, I invested well over 15 hours ($1500 + of my time) per month testing and trying different methods to retain members with points systems and download retrieval systems.

And paying someone even $500 a month to do the same, is way too rich for my blood, when I can create a software to do that for me (and you).  :)

Turbo Download Manager is offered through special promotions by John Delavera